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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Body Care Innovation from Christian Laurent

    Innovative technology based on the infusion action of the latest generation micro transmitters that precisely transport the advanced lifting and firming ingredients deep into the skin. Active substances are sequentially released in the areas requiring intense care, effectively reinforcing the supporting tissues of the skin and spectacularly improving its density.
  2. Facial Care Innovation - Dermofusion 4D Technology

    Revolutionary technology taking advantage of the infusion-based mechanism of transport of active ingredients by means of the latest generation micro transmitters, called the cellular transfer enhancers. It allows for precise transfer of the active ingredients into the deep skin layers and their sequential, gradual release.
  3. Exclusive dimension of beauty

    Christian Laurent® is the new, exclusive brand of facial and body care cosmetics developed in cooperation with two research laboratories in Poland and France, in response to the latest global trends in the field of care. This unique concept of premium cosmetics derives from the sophisticated definition of luxury, created by the French geniuses of science and care.