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Facial Care Innovation - Dermofusion 4d Technology

Revolutionary technology taking advantage of the infusion-based mechanism of transport of active ingredients by means of the latest generation micro transmitters, called the cellular transfer enhancers. It allows for precise transfer of the active ingredients into the deep skin layers and their sequential, gradual release.


Scientifically advanced DERMOFUSION 4D TECHNOLOGY provides the intensified four-step anti-age action on several skin levels:

KORNEO-FUSION: through biomimetic formula the ingredients of the cream easily overcome the barrier of the outer layers of the skin, at the same time intensely repairing its surface.

IN-FUSION: active substances synchronously penetrate the successive layers of the epidermis.

DIFFUSION: by even spreading in the structures of the skin, the process of intensive regeneration and precise wrinkle filling is activated.

ENDOFUSION: the process of radical improvement in skin firmness and tension from the inside.